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I pride myself on being transparent with everyone that supports me. So,it’s been heavy on my heart to reach out to the creative. It can be a very lucrative opportunity but it becomes very taxing at times. It can get lonely, with not a lot of thank yous. Here’s my thank you to my fellow creative!

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How I gained 100 Followers a Month since starting!

I started this blog back in February with hopes of growth but if you would’ve told me that I’d gain 400 followers within that time frame, I wouldn’t believe you. Take a journey on how I was able to take my page from what you see above to where it’s at now and growing everyday!

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Wait…How did you join the Slow Fashion Movement by accident?!

Ok, I know it sounds crazy but yes I became apart of the slow fashion community and had no idea. Something that I did in my spare time to help me save a little money actually does more than I thought. Throughout this journey, here are a few things I’ve learned….