The Combo that can save you some money and amp your closet!

The Combo that can save you some money and amp your closet!

This year has been the transformation of my wardrobe!

It’s transformed from graphic tees and joggers to blazers and Chelsea boots. Now within this change there was still one thing I had to hold onto because I enjoy wearing them, t shirts. I enjoy the simplicity and versatility of a nice t shirt. Now within this wardrobe change, I wanted to find a way to be able to have the comfort of a nice t shirt while still looking like I meant to put this outfit together and not “this was the only clean shirt I had in the closet”. A way of thinking I’ve adapted since college applies to this moment,  “Once you’re aware of everything you can do, you focus less on everything can’t do”. So instead of ditching what I like all together, I found a nice middle ground; solid colored basic tees.

Now I found this simple hack accidentally due to me wanting to try out different styles. Prior to me becoming the blazer advocate that I am currently, I had no prior experience in pairing the right shirts with blazers outside of wearing a suit. Beforehand, I always thought you had to match a blazer with a collar shirt because that’s just what people do. But through trial and error, I’ve found that the t-shirt & blazer combo can be one of the simplest ways to vamp up your closet.

Here are three reasons and examples how the solid colored t shirt/blazer combination has helped transform my closet for a fraction of the price!


Photo May 01, 21 35 36.jpg

I’m a big fan of minimalism and simple outfits. I’m always a believer of how a simple outfit put together the right way can stand out in a crowd. My first taste of how impactful it can be is earlier this year at my girlfriend’s job office warming party. I had just picked up a neutral colored blazer from DC Goodwill because I enjoyed the color and I needed to throw an outfit together quick. I had some Old Navy Khakis I had for awhile, some brown shoes I got there as well and a shirt from H&M. I didn’t want to just show up in a t shirt so I threw a blazer over top of it and magic was created! I got so many compliments from her co workers and people nearby off of this great but very last minute outfit! A simple outfit that takes minimal prep work but can potentially have you the center of attention at your event!


Photo Jul 07, 18 04 03.jpg

I use to think that in order for my closet to be elite, I had to drop a bunch of money on a bunch of brand names that would make my closet look like it was doing something. Now that I’m a few months deep into things I realized that it’s more about finding the right items and not how much money you drop on items. For example, since I’ve began to collect blazers I have between 5-7 blazers which would be worth a few hundred based off of the brand names and types of blazers I have. Since I thrift all my blazers, I’ve spent a fraction of what I would pay if I got them brand new. The tees are usually between $2-5 so with a $9 blazer, I’m looking at half of an outfit for under $20! A pretty good deal if you ask me!


Photo Apr 23, 19 51 47.jpg

Since I’m into slow fashion and sustainable fashion, it’s very important to me to be able to have pieces that I can wear in multiple ways since I’m a believer of buying what you need not just buying because it’s there. Both the blazer and the t shirt can be utilized in a plethora of ways separately and together. While together, you can pair it with jeans, khakis or slacks. Separately, the opportunities are endless. With an outfit that is paired with the t shirt/blazer combo, you can remove the blazer to give the outfit a different vibe. You can also have the blazer as an accessory item you can let hang off of you. If you happen to wear jeans with this combo, you can make it work with the right pair of sneakers or casual shoes.

Wrap It Up:

The greatest thing that I’ve been able to learn throughout my journey is that fashion is about experimenting. Sometimes you can do well and be the center of attention or you can fail miserably and be the center of attention. Nonetheless, try new styles, fail new styles and always be willing to be flexible. Had I never taken my curiosity beyond a thought, I would’ve never had the opportunity to be able to realize its potential. Be great in whatever way possible, sometimes we can be the reason why we don’t excel further than our fears!