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Dear Creative, You Need To Read This <3

Justin Tune2 Comments
Dear Creative, You Need To Read This &lt;3

This is a letter. 

A letter to the creative that works hard every day to achieve their dreams. No matter how big or how small, this message is for you.  

For every piece of content, you create.  

For every hour of sleep, you sacrifice to get a step closer to your dreams.  

For the dedication it takes to work all day at a 9 to 5 and still find a way to work on your craft. 

For the creatives that are also parents that work 10x harder to create a better life for their loved ones. 

For the creatives that are also a significant other to someone and miss out on time with them to create for us. 

For the creative that struggles with depression and/or anxiety or some type of mental ailment, yet still finds a way to help make someone smile by what they create. 

For the creatives we’ve lost due to suicide. 

For the creative that has gone through hell offline, but still manages to make impactful content online. 

For the creative who has had to step away and take a break to preserve their mental health. 

For the creative who feels like they’re not doing enough. 

For the creative who begins to question themselves when other people around them are succeeding but haven’t gotten their moment yet. 

For the creative who just started today and is afraid of what is to come. 

For the creatives that were mentioned and the creatives that weren’t named, 

Thank you & I appreciate you. 


Sometimes within this journey as a creative, we hear a lot of things. A lot of good, a ton of bad but sometimes we rarely ever hear thank you. So, thank you for being you. You are blessed with a gift to create and you’ve decided to open that gift for the world to enjoy. You could have been selfish with the gift and kept it to yourself but you didn’t. Some of you make daily content for our enjoyment and we can become privileged with the idea of always having something to consume. Sometimes people see the creative in you, and easily forget the human in you.  

The human that goes through pain. 

The human that doesn’t always want a camera in their face. 

The human that cries. 

The human that gets upset. 

There are a lot of things that come with this thing we’ve signed ourselves up for that no one knows about except for the ones in our shoes. At times, it can be easy for us to look at one another as enemies. But this letter is for a hope that one day, we can look at one another as allies in this journey. This road can get rough really fast. So, do what makes you happy and find some of those people that want to see you win along the way. 

Not for the likes. 

Not for the comments. 

Not for the followers. 

But for yourself. 


Because when those lonely times come (which they will), you’re going to need more to hold onto then virtual people online that may only want content from you not looking to pour into you. We’ve lost too many people to this race for this thing we’re all searching for. Too many have given up too much for the chance at this thing that we’re all looking to get. At the end of the day, none of these platforms are infinite. One day, these platforms will shut down and not be available to use anymore. What was hot and trending one year, could become obsolete shortly afterwards. Whenever that day comes, our value shouldn’t die with it.  


In closing, 

Excuse my language but, do whatever the FUDGE (Family Friendly Content) you want to do. Allow a portion of your life to be open for change when critiques and criticism comes your way. But don’t let your life be governed by it. People’s opinions are forever changing and it’s up to us to decide if we’ll be slaves to opinions or if we take them with a grain of salt. Be great in every way possible. Excel in everything you do. Find friends along the way that you can share life with, love with and laugh with. Get paid, but don’t let the dollar control you. In every element, be self-aware and ball out. 


I love you and I appreciate you. 

Keep going and keep growing. 

-Justin Tune