6 Months Later....Here We Are

6 Months Later....Here We Are

I started my blog journey March 1st of this year. When I started, I felt a lot of things in the moment. I felt excitement, curiosity, a tad bit of nervousness and some doubt. I began a journey into a world that I felt like I didn’t belong and began a crazy experience. I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs and it’s been an interesting ride so far. I’ve met a lot of great people and lost a handful of people. So many changes within these first 6 months that I didn’t expect, but I appreciate and needed to go through. I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout this time and here’s a few things I’ve learned…

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Consistent Hard Work beats Occasional Talent 

Being more regular into this influencer/blogger world, I’ve noticed that it can be very easy to fall into the trap of complacency. You have the potential to get a lot of opportunities, meet people you never thought you’d meet and be in places you’d never think you’d be. And of course, you always want to take a moment to enjoy the new things, but there’s always the possibility of getting lost in it. Before I started my blog, I was always at a shaky 2.4k on IG. Engagement was trash, no one really stopped what they were doing to look at my content but I still had that 2.4k. Within the first 6 months, I’ve gained 700 followers on my IG platform due to a combination of going to events, networking with people online, posting content everyday and being active in multiple communities. I have a lot of talent, however it wasn’t until my consistency and hard work matched my talent that I started to see the results. If you had told me when I first started that within the first 6 months I’d work with Amazon Prime Video, Waze and DC Goodwill, I’d think you were lying to me. The biggest thing I’ve learned from this element is that talent can get you an invite to the table but consistency and hard work gets you a seat at that table.

Kindness is Currency

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It pays to be nice to people. And not the “I’m nice to you so you can do something for me” nice. Genuine kindness to people can take you further than your actual abilities can. I’ve met so many great people within this time by just casually reaching out and showing genuine interests into things other people enjoy. I’ve been able to build relationships with brands just off the strength of interacting with a post or mentioning something I enjoy from them. At times in this social media world, people tend to seek fame & clout by any means and we forget how important it is to be kind to one another. We may see a follower count and think someone has it all together and all planned out. But the truth is we don't know how people are when they’re not online. Social Media is our curated life. Millions of different things happen to us that we’ll never post online. So be kind to people without seeking anything in return and watch how things begin to change. 

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Again. Social Media is our curated life. We post what we want to post. We post what we want people to see. We post the best moments of our lives that have been vetted by various factors. Now just because we post all the great moments doesn’t mean that every moment in our life is great. Sometimes we are not okay. We hurt, we cry, we feel a million and one things and we may not be able to explain why. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s normal to go through things. At times with social media, we tend to compare our lives to others and begin to wonder what we’re not doing right because our life may not look as “successful” as someone else’s. I’ve had multiple moments where I’ve felt it all and didn’t know how to handle it. So, I began to take social media breaks. I unplug myself from social media for a few days every few weeks just to detox and reset myself. Our cars aren’t always on 24/7, we have to shut down our computers every now and then to give them a break so why shouldn’t we give ourselves that same maintenance check? Since I started doing that, I’ve noticed things have been even better than they were before.

Wrap It Up Coach:

6 months may not seem like a long time but you’d be amazed at what can happen in such a short period of time. Sometimes life has an interesting way of changing in ways you didn’t think you needed. When 2019 started, I had no idea that this was the direction it would take. So much has happened, I’ve met so many great people and thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout these first 6 months. The experiences I’ve had so far, the opportunities I’ve been able to receive wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of each & every person! Let me know what you think in the comments!