I Accidentally Joined The Slow Fashion Movement And Then THis Happened....

So, it’s been three months since I’ve joined the fashion world and it’s been a journey to say the least. When I first started, I wasn’t sure where I would fit in or even if this would be something I could flourish in. Not that I doubted myself but I just haven’t seen many men in this area of fashion so I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I’ve come to the realization that I have a passion for sustainable fashion. And I found out by accident honestly. Once I realized there was a name for it, there was no looking back.

Here’s a few reasons why I prefer pre loved items a bit more than mainstream stores... 


Saving Money 

As an everyday adult, unfortunately I have bills and I’m unable to spend all my money on clothes so I’m always looking for a good sale. Within thrifting, I find myself finding an entire outfit for about the price of one item at some of my favorite retail stores. I’ve found some really great pieces for a fraction of the cost while thrifting. I’ve done a few videos on IG (Follow me by the way, @imnotjustintune) where I’ve found some very pricey items if bought brand new that I’ve found for 1/3 of the price. Like this Hugo Boss Overcoat that usually runs for $700 that I got for $11.50! 

 (Check out the video!)

Saving The Environment 

When I first started thrifting, I didn’t think I was doing anything special. I thought I was just grabbing a few pieces that I like of some of my favorite sports teams and a few items here & there. Then as I got serious about thrifting, I began to learn about the big push against fast fashion, entitled “Slow Fashion”. My understanding of Slow Fashion is buying and caring for clothes that you’ll either keep for a long period of time or won’t just wear two times and get rid of it. I began to see the importance of it because according to an article I saw on The Huffington Post, in 2016, the average American will throw away 81 pounds of textiles and clothing. If you include how many people live in the USA, that rounds the number up to around 21 billion pounds of clothes & textiles going to waste due to not wanting the items anymore. And that was 2016, who knows what that number is for 2019. I’m not saying that I’m Captain Planet all of a sudden, but I am more aware of my clothing usage and try my best to not buy clothes that I’ll only wear a few times and get rid of. #SaveTheUrfh 

(Here’s a link to the article if you want to read it: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/youre-likely-going-to-throw-away-81-pounds-of-clothing-this-year_n_57572bc8e4b08f74f6c069d3 ) 


Developing a Unique Style 

Photo May 01, 21 35 53.jpg

This was something that I realized after about a year of thrifting that I didn’t realize until I started blogging. I’ve always looked at my style as different and always wanted to try things that others weren’t. But it’s hard to do that when you buy your clothes from the same place that thousands of other people get their clothes from. Imagine the feeling of buying a fire outfit, and you’re ready to step out and wear it; and as you’re walking down the street, head high and confidence strong, you see someone else with the same outfit. That’s one thing I don’t worry about since I’ve started to thrift more consistently. My pieces are rare, unique, vintage and creates a style people can’t really recreate.  

(First time ever doing an all neutral look…and people loved it!)


Wrap It Up Coach: 

I enjoy going to Zara, Forever 21 and other stores just like the next person, however I’ve become more aware of what I buy and why I buy. If it’s something that’s just trendy and I probably won’t wear more than a few times, I’ll keep walking. Learning about slow fashion and getting more into thrifting has taught me to love and appreciate my clothes. I’ve gained a different sense of care for my clothes throughout this process and I’m grateful. Instead of treating my clothes like trash, I’ve learned to treat them like treasure. Not that I worship my clothes, but I care for them better. I treat them better and I’ve made better use of my closet as opposed to buying something new just for the moment.  


How do you feel about the wave of Slow Fashion? Could you see yourself joining the Slow Fashion Movement? Let’s chat in the comments!