You Paid How Much For These Shoes?! #AS1

#AffordableSneakerhead 1 x "You Paid How Much For These Shoes?!"

Although I’m new to the fashion scene, my heart has always been into shoes. I’ve always had a thing for shoes and always found it as a great way to express myself. Now with any hobby, it can get pricey the deeper you get into the hobby. You begin to get an eye for the higher end items and the more exclusive items but your pockets may not always agree. So, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to get creative with some of my shoe choices and more versatile shoes rather than regular hooping shoes. Here’s an example of 3 shoes that I’ve picked up for under $100. 


Nike AF1 Olive x Mushroom 

Photo Jul 15, 18 33 13.jpg

Now these shoes were a surprise buy for me because I’ve never been crazy about high top shoes or Air Force 1’s. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just usually prefer low top shoes to showcase my socks and my legs from time to time. But everything about these Air Force 1’s was screaming cop! The colors were nice, the fit was nice and firm, and they were a steal for only $50(either $50 or $40, I lost the receipt lol) I got these from DTLR while I was on vacation last summer and it was definitely a good buy! These weren’t on a sale, they just happened to be on the clearance table and I couldn’t resist! 


Adidas Crazy BYW  

Photo Jan 31, 18 14 14.jpg

Growing up, Kobe was one of my favorite players to watch and I always peeped the shoes he wore. Now with his short stint with Adidas he left some magic behind for us to enjoy. By far, one of my favorite shoes, The Crazy 8’s. Now these shoes featured here are an adaption of the Crazy 8’s, the Adidas Crazy BYW. Originally, these shoes ran for $180 but I found these at a local FootAction for $80! By far a very comfortable shoe however they do run a bit small so get a size up. Overall, a great buy! Finesse game is strong with this pickup! 


Nike Huaraches Rust Pink/Red Bronze 

Photo Mar 23, 18 30 41.jpg

These happen to be my most recent pickup and by far the best pickup of the year (at the moment)! I had a stressful day and I needed some shoe therapy so I stumbled into my local Shoe City just to graze and I found these bad boys on the shelf! I check the bottom of the shoe for a price and I see $49.99 and I snag immediately! These pink on pink shoes get the job done when I want an accent of color for an outfit and want to break up an all-black outfit or to splash some color in my outfit! Usually running for $120, to get these for $50 is a big FINESSE and I love it!! 


Wrap It Up Coach: 

Photo Mar 23, 18 30 32.jpg

Having a hobby while in the midst of adulting can be tough (especially when you have bills), but the good news is that you don’t have to drop hundreds per month solely on shoes. Do your online searches, check your local stores or even thrift and wear that heat on feet proudly! What’s some heat you picked up recently?