The Thrill Of The Thrift!

It’s crazy how things in life change sometimes. One moment you’re embarrassed that you got your clothes from the thrift store and don’t want your friends to know, next thing you know you go thrifting all the time. It’s possible that I never understood what it was. As a kid I just thought I got someone's dirty, washed out clothes they got tired of. But one day, out of curiosity I went in one day and became somewhat amazed at how wrong I was. Here’s 3 things that I love about the thrift store... 


Price, Variety & The Thrill of The Thrift 




If anyone knows me, they know that I’m a sucker for a great sale. And on top of a lot of the thrift items already being reasonably priced, thrift stores always have a day where certain items are a percentage off based on the tag (my main store is usually 30% or 50% on Monday). So just imagine, you find this fire jacket and you find it for a steal. Say it’s $20 on the tag and you saw a similar item in a retail store for $120, you’d snag it immediately right? Well that’s what I did with this Philadelphia Flyers jacket you see in the photo. On eBay, a jacket like that would run you between $50-$150 and I snagged it for $20 during the summer. Can’t beat a deal like that right? 




One of the things that I look forward to when I go in a thrift store are the various options that I have while I’m there. I’m able to experiment with different styles, different looks and even blend vintage pieces with new pieces that I might’ve picked up somewhere else. For example, I usually prefer slim or straight legged jeans because of how they show off my legs but recently I wanted to try the dad jeans trend. So instead of me paying the full price for “actual” dad jeans (levi’s, wranglers, etc.), I could find some authentic dad jeans for half the price. Like this photo you see, I got these Levi Jeans from a local Value Village for $11.99 when they usually run between $30-$70. A finesse, I definitely think so! 


The Thrill of The Thrift 

Photo Oct 09, 00 08 52.jpg

Now this has to be my favorite part of thrifting, the thrill of the thrift. Thrifting can be very exciting because you never know what you can find. Sometimes you strike gold and ball out, and sometimes you strike out. But the main thing is going for it and I enjoy that the most. Sometimes I’ve made some really nice finds (The Flyers jacket, Two Columbia Jackets, PB&J KD 6’s, etc.), but I’ve also struck out a lot. But as a great man once said “You only miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” 


Wrap It Up Coach: 

Be free & go thrift. It’s amazing what people give away because they’re tired of it. One man’s trash is another man’s content for the internet to enjoy. What are some of your best thrift finds?